Keep 'em coming!

It’s a busy (and beautiful!) week here in NYC. Auditions for summer projects are lining up already, and I just booked an exciting project that shoots this week! More to come on that soon, but get ready to see someone you know in some form of public transportation soon… :)


Oh hello there. 


So here’s the big announcement: I’ve been cast as Annelle in Judson Theatre Company’s upcoming production of Steel Magnolias! I’m thrilled to be a part of the show, and also excited that I get to perform in my hometown, on a stage I haven’t graced since I was 16! Which was yesterday, right? Anyway, there’s something so lovely about getting to return home to get to play a killer part in a fun play by a new professional company, and I am a lucky girl indeed.

Also exciting, is that Dawn Wells (Mary-Ann from Gilligan’s Island) is also starring in the production! 


I will be headed back to NC in March for the show, so if you would like to buy tickets please click here, as it’s starting to sell out! 

And if you want to, you know, go get biscuits with me at Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen or Bojangles, I am also game for that.

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yours in hairspray and biscuits,